Sandviksbatteriet - Bergen Bunker Hash House Harriers

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Sandviksbatteriet together with the fortresses on Kvarven and Hellen were built between 1895-1902 to protect Bergen from possible Swedish attacks (Norway gained her independence from Sweden in June 1905). They formed the 'inner fortification' to protect Bergen from a sea-born invasion. Sandviksbatteriet was not manned in April 1940 and did not take part in the defence of Bergen (in Norwegian).

Sandviksbatteriet has long been open to the public and a winding road leads up to the plateau with the remains of gun positions. Other remains and ruins are also clearly visible, among them a Monier ammunition bunker.

In an aerial photo from 1951 (left), the guns (2*240mm howitzers) apear to still be in place although many buildings seem to have been demolished. By 2005 (left), trees had hidden all the ruins, but the gun positions were still clearly visible.

Check out the panoramic view from Sandviksbatteriet

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