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Fjell fortress


The construction of Fjell festning (MKB 11./504 Fjell) was started in 1942. The main armament was the B (Bruno) turret with three 28,3 cm guns from the German battleship “Gneisenau”. In addition numerous AA guns, anti-tank guns, flame throwers, machine guns, mortars, bunkers, 2 to 3 meter deep trenches and tunnels were added. All in all the area used by the Germans for the fortifications covered approx 185 acres.

After the Second World War the fortress was taken over by the Norwegian military. The main guns were scrapped in 1968, and the fortress used as a coastal radar station until 2004.

Today the area is preserved as a military heritage by The Central Office of Historic Monuments and most of it is open to the public as a museum
. The fortress is still riddled with bunkers (mostly un-restored but open), gun positions, trenches and an exhibition in the tunnels below the main gun position. A detailed article (in Norwegian) can be found here and a shorter article in English can be found here.

Check out the panoramic view from one of the gun positions

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