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During Word War 2, the Germans built an anti-aircraft battery on Blåmanen, one of the mountains surrounding Bergen. The battery was designated Marine-Flak-Abteilung 4/802.

Originally 4*88 mm guns were used, but in 1942 these were replaced by 4*105mm SKC/32 with Dreiwag. The battery also included a predictor, 2*20 mm Flak and a search light.  The gun battery and most of the structures were described in an intelligence report
from 1944.

After the war the battery was used by the Norwegian military until 1952, when the guns were dismantled and moved to Kopåsbatteriet in the Oslo fjord. Two of the guns (guns no's 2 and 3) are still in place
whilst guns no's 1 and 4 were removed in 1998.

In an aerial photo from 1951
, most of the buildings from Word War 2 were still in place, but the gun positions seemed to be covered by a pyramid like structure. This was also visible in a photo from 1968, where at least one gun position was uncovered. In an aerial photo from 1970, the gun positions all seemed to be open and the remains of most of the buildings can also be seen. By 2005, the gun positions had been filled with stone and most of the remains of buildings had long gone. The outlines of buildings are shown on a map from 1957.

The 105mm SKC/32 were often placed in fortifications of the Regelbau Fl243
Schwere Flakstellung type. This can not be the case on Blåmanen, as Fl243 had an accompanying bunker and was much larger. Fl242 were used other places around Bergen, but because the gun positions are covered by stone it is difficult to say what type they are but they could be very similar to the gun positions found at Fjell fortress.

Check out the panoramic view of the remains of buildings on Blåmanen.

Check out the panoramic views from some AA gun positions
on Blåmanen and from Rundemanen.

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