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In 1818 the Norwegian navy established itself on what was called Koholmen. After a legal dispute with the owners, the navy took over the island in 1837 for 2550 spesiedaler (according to some sources this was much more than the island was worth). Marineholmen ('marine' is Norwegian for navy and 'holme' is Norwegian for a small island)  became the main naval base in Bergen.

The occupying German forces took over Marineholmen in 1940, and together with the u-boat bunker on Laksevåg, was the main German naval base in Bergen during World War 2. Some of the original Norwegian buildings were burnt down during the war, and these were later replaced by various bunkers.

On 4th May 1962 the naval base was moved from Marineholmen to Haakonsvern. Shipbuilding and other industries moved in and the last of the German built bunkers was demolished in 2005 to give way for the expansion of industry in the area.

In the aerial photo from 1951
the naval presence is clearly visible. In 1970 after the navy had departed, civilian ships had taken over. In the photo from 2005 the light area in the centre of the picture, marks the remains of the last bunker in the process of being demolished in 2005.

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