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Bergen Bunker Hash House Harriers is a Hash House Harrier chapter which organises runs in and around Bergen, Norway, with the aim to discover parts of local military history by running through, over or around military bunkers and fortifications, encompassing both Norwegian installations and installations built or/and extended during World War 2.

Upcoming BBH3 runs

Run #7 is planned for spring 2014

Completed runs
Run Date Where Hares Runners
#1 23 December 2007 KVARVEN Foggy Glasses and Deep Throat 16
#2 1 June 2008 HERDLA Foggy Glasses and Deep Throat 29
#3 30 November 2008 NORDNES Foggy Glasses and Deep Throat 19
#4 8 August 2010 FJELL Foggy Glasses 9
#5 2 June 2013 FJELL Foggy Glasses 8
#6 7 June 2013 EDØY Camp Toilet 2

Some of the most imposing bunkers in the Bergen area are still in use either by the military or by private companies, and therefore not open to the public. Others are located on private property and are not readily available, whilst others are located in public areas and are open to the public. Some bunkers have, however, been sealed and cannot be entered.


BBH3 runs are organised as regular Hash Runs. As most runners also run with Bergen Hash House Harriers, BBH3 runs follow the same rules and markings as used by Bergen H3. During the run the hare will endeavour to deliver a short dissertation on the history of the area.


We aim to run twice a year, once during autumn/ winter and once during spring/ summer.

The information on this site has been gleaned from multiple sources, mostly from the Internet but also from publications. Care has been taken to present as correct information as possible. If, however, you are of the opinion that information is erroneous or incomplete, please do not hesitate to contact the Web master.

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