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In the Bergen area, there are quite a few remains of military activity. Most, if not all, of this activity was connected in one way or another to World War 2. Some of these remains are described on the following pages.

This is not intended to be a complete list of all military remains in the Bergen area, but rather a check list for possible BBH3 trails. All the sites described here, are accessible “by land”. Some possible sites are on islands of Bergen, but due to lack of sea-going transport, these have not been explored by the Web master.

The aerial photos are from the local authorities’ excellent web site
(in Norwegian) where aerial photos of Bergen from 1951, 1970 and 2005 are available. The 2005 aerial photos are also used on the Google Earth web site. There are a lot of interesting photographs in books and publications etc., but these do not appear to be available on the web.

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